It’s about to happen: Deutsche Bank geht den Bach runter

Möglicherweise hat heute begonnen, was die meisten Beobachter bereits seit anfangs Jahr erwarten: Der Niedergang der Deutsche Bank Aktien auf Ramsch-Niveau.

Jetzt bleibt noch zu schauen, wer wie reagiert. Vermutliches Szenario: Bail-in der Kunden von Deutsche Bank, eine Bad Bank um die Ramschpapiere dort zu deponieren und der Staat übernimmt dort die Haftung bzw. Verluste und ein überlebender Teil, der von einer der übrigen Grossbanken (Goldman Sachs und Co.) aufgekauft wird.

Allerdings konnten Schockwellen dieses Absturzes europäische und amerikanische Banken mithineinziehen und dann crasht das Bankensystem ein zweites Mal mit weit grösseren Auswirkungen auf die Wirtschaft als 2008. Ein „Retten der Banken“ durch Milliarden vom Staat ist nicht mehr möglich.


How to Tamper with Latest Polling Numbers

Schrauben an der Wählergruppe: Wenn die Resultate für Clinton zu schlecht werden, so verändert man nicht mehr die Fragen, sondern  die Menge der befragten Wähler, in diesem Fall überrepräsentiert man die Demokraten gegenüber der realen Wählerverteilung von Demokraten und Republikaner in der Bevölkerung.


How Reuters „Tweaked“ Its Latest Poll (Again) To Show A Clinton Lead

Tyler Durden's picture

Reuters has taken some heat in recent months for „tweaking“ their polling methodology seemingly every time the data reveals „inconvenient“ results for Hillary (see our previous posts on the topic here and here).  But the latest Reuters/Ipsos polling „tweak“ is truly amazing.  Having run out of options for slyly „tweaking“ questions and categories to sway respondents in their preferred direction, Reuters has apparnetly resorted to blatant poll tampering by altering their polling samples to include a disproportionate number of democrats.

In their latest poll, released just two days ago, Reuters found Hillary to have a 6 point lead in a head-to-head contest with Trump.  But, when you dig a little deeper you find that Reuters‘ polling sample included 44% democrats and only 33% republicans.  Which would be fine, of course, if it had any basis in reality.  But, as The Pew Research Center points out very clearly (see table below), registered democrats represent about 33% of the electorate while republicans are 29%…a modest 4 point gap versus the 11 point advantage in the Reuters sample.



Of course, this is significant because, as any reasonable person would expect, democrats swing toward Hillary by an overwhelming margin of 84% and, vice-versa, 78% of republicans swing toward Trump.

Now, using Reuters‘ data, Hillary supposedly has a 6-point lead over Trump.  However, if we alter the sample data to reflect what Pew says is the real distribution of democrats versus republicans (i.e. 33% vs. 29%, respectively) and apply the same support levels by party affiliation it results in an 8.5% swing toward Trump who would have a 2.5% lead….very inconvenient.



And just to confirm, here is how The Pew Research Center says that the distribution of party affiliation has trended over time.  At least since 1992, democrats have never enjoyed an 11 point registration gap that Reuters decided to include in its poll.



Finally, we also checked the polling data of the latest McClatchy-Marist Poll to make sure we weren’t missing something.  And sure enough, their sample includes just a 5 point advantage for democrats…slightly larger than the 4 point gap measured by Pew but no where near the 11 point Reuters gap.

Polling Data


And that’s how you rig some polling data…

Warten auf die Oktober-Überraschung, um den US-Wahlkampf zu drehen

Gibt es eine False Flag Attacke in Syrien? Nachrichten und Reaktionen von Zerohedge Lesern. Keinen würde solch ein Szenario überraschen. Der US-Regierung wird alles zugetraut.


US To Suspend Syria Diplomacy With Russia, Prepares „Military Options“

by Tyler Durden

Sep 29, 2016 3:36 PM


In the most dramatic diplomatic escalation involving the Syrian conflict in the past years, yesterday John Kerry issued an ultimatum to Russia, in which he warned his colleague Lavrov to stop bombing Aleppo or else the US would suspend all cooperation and diplomacy with Russia.

24 hours later, this appears to be precisely what is about to take place, leading to an even greater geopolitical shock in Syria. According to Retuers, the United States is expected to tell Russia on Thursday it is suspending their diplomatic engagement on Syria following the Russian-backed Syrian government’s intense attacks on Aleppo, U.S. officials said on condition of anonymity.

„We are on the verge of suspending the discussion because it is irrational in the context of the kind of bombing taking place to be sitting there trying to take things seriously,“ Kerry told an audience in Washington.


„It is one of those moments where we are going to have to pursue other alternatives,“ he added.

Why now and what happens next? According to US officials, the Obama administration is now considering tougher responses to the Russian-backed Syrian government assault on Aleppo, including military options. According to Reuters, the new discussions were being held at „staff level,“ and have yet to produce any recommendations to President Barack Obama, who has resisted ordering military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the country’s multi-sided civil war.

„The president has asked all of the agencies to put forward options, some familiar, some new, that we are very actively reviewing,“ Blinken said. „When we are able to work through these in the days ahead we’ll have an opportunity to come back and talk about them in detail.“

However, now that diplomacy with Russia is set to end, this will give the greenlight for Obama to send in US troops in Syria, with Putin certain to respond appropriately, in what will be the biggest military escalation in the Syrian proxy war in its five and a half year history.

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hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 12:29 PM


How dare Russia bomb ISIS in Syria!


Looney hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 12:30 PM

Here’s an interesting statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Defense:

“We’ve intercepted multiple communication between the members of the US-led Coalition in Syria about a false-flag event being planned  –  shutting down an American plane over Syria and blaming it again on Russia and Syria.

Upon the Syrian Government’s request and in accordance with International Laws, to prevent such a provocation we are withdrawing from the De-confliction Agreement signed on October 22, 2015 and imposing a ban on all flights in Syria’s airspace, thereby establishing a No-Fly Zone (NFZ).

The NFZ will be rigorously enforced – any aircraft, including but not limited to planes, helicopters, and drones, entering the Syrian sovereign airspace without prior approval of the Syrian Government will be shut down without warning.

The No-Fly Zone becomes effective immediately”.


Well… I made it up, but this turn of events could bring the Syrian Tragedy to an end much sooner.

I’m sure all ZH-ers remember this: “On September 30, 2015, the Russian representative to the Joint Information Centre arrived at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and requested that any United States forces in the targeted area in Syria leave immediately. An hour later, the Russian aircraft based in the [Syrian] government-held territory began conducting airstrikes…”

It worked back then and it would work now, too.

The neocons want Hillary to win. They won’t hesitate shutting down our own plane and sacrificing an American pilot (most likely a highly decorated officer with a couple of kids and a pregnant wife at home) to provoke a confrontation with the Russians before the Elections. Then they’ll blame it on Trump’s bromance with Putin, and declare that only Hillary can save us all.

That’s why a mere announcement of the No-Fly Zone would make such a False Flag much more difficult to pull off.

Now, a serious question – is my Tin Foil Thong too tight? Does it make me look fat?   😉


froze25 Looney Sep 29, 2016 12:31 PM

Oh man, this isn’t good. We all were wondering what the October surprise would be. Now its the start of open conflict with the Russians over an area that we don’t have any threat to national security in. We should be backing Assad to begin with. Not these Radical Muslims known by our Main Stream Media as the „moderate Rebels“. THERE ARE NO MODERATE REBELS.

hedgeless_horseman froze25 Sep 29, 2016 12:34 PM


SEPT. 17, 2016


BEIRUT, Lebanon — The United States acknowledged on Saturday that its warplanes had carried out an airstrike in Syria that resulted in the deaths of Syrian government troops. American military officials said the pilots in the attack, in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, believed they were targeting the Islamic State.


Russia’s defense ministry said the United States attack had killed 62 Syrian troops, wounded 100 more and opened the way for an Islamic State offensive.


The episode comes at a time of escalating tensions in Syria. A partial cease-fire that started on Monday continues to steadily unravel after it was declared with much fanfare by the United States and Russia.


A statement by United States Central Command said that the planes stopped the attack after a warning from Russia that the strikes could be hitting Syrian troops.…



MillionDollarBonus_ hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 12:36 PM

About time! Russia are directly interfering with our foreign policy objectives of brining peace and democracy to the middle east. Assad is a brutal dictator, and if Russia refuse to stop defending him against the Syrian revolutionaries, we will have no choice but to intervene with military force. We are willing to fight and die for democracy in the middle east. Are Russians willing to do the same to prop up a tyrannical dictator?

Why We Need Family Audits

hedgeless_horseman MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 12:38 PM


What does it tell us that both Trump and Clinton are silent on this?


…five of the questions I need to hear answers to before I would consider supporting Trump, or any politician.


2)  Do you consider the recent actions of the United States military in Ukraine, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, etc., to be violations of the War Powers Act?  If no, then why not?  If yes, then what actions would you take on this issue, if elected?

MillionDollarBonus_ hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 12:42 PM

America has zero tolerance for tyrants like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and Assad! We have restored peace and democracy in Iraq and Libya, and now we are going to do the same for Syria. We will continue our fight to liberate the middle east no matter what the cost. We will continue to provide a home for destitute refugees, no matter what the price. And if Russia does not back down, we will continue to escalate, even if it means nuclear war. Because no matter what the cost, saving just one innocent Syrian child is worth it.
Why We Need Family Audits

hedgeless_horseman MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 12:43 PM


As the Commanders-In-Chief rally their forces and prepare to face off…

WTFRLY hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 12:53 PM

U.S. Threatens to End Diplomatic Talks with Russia on Syria If Aleppo Offensive Continues

oops WTFRLY Sep 29, 2016 1:38 PM

The truth about the conflict with Russia NO ONE dares to reveal.

Manthong oops Sep 29, 2016 1:53 PM

If these asshats in Washington do not change their tune about Assad, the Russians and our insane support of terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and our Mid-East client sate “ally’s”…

Well, the consequences are going to be dire for everyone, including them.

Most US Administration officials and State Department diplomats are as low or lower in intelligence and integrity than a money center or central bank banker.

Russian MoD: We’re ready for Syria dialogue with US, but threats against our military unacceptable


True Blue Manthong Sep 29, 2016 3:37 PM

We’re being led into war by intellectual midgets posessing the mentality and morality of kindergarten bullies… „Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.“

Long ‚Vault Tech‘

KickIce WTFRLY Sep 29, 2016 4:19 PM

What is this Aleppo that you speak of and who is the leader of Russia?

– Gary Johnson

Hopeless for Change hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 12:56 PM

I googled „Punch Me Look“ and that picture of Oballah came up.  huh…

Mustafa Kemal hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 1:19 PM

Neither of the USA’s two tank teams in the NATO excercises managed to place in the top three.   Well, at least we have the F-35s.

Sokhmate Mustafa Kemal Sep 29, 2016 3:03 PM

F-35: The Flying Piano (R)

buttmint hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 1:33 PM

HH—great photos—I always enjoy your posts.

Obama „prepare military option?“ Are we all missing something? That is all USA has been doing to Suria—bombs away!

Only USA drops tonnage of bombs on defenseless people and calls it „diplomacy.“

HowdyDoody buttmint Sep 29, 2016 2:53 PM

The US has just blown up two bridges over the Euphrates near Deir ez Zor. These were used by civilians to get from one side of town to the other. it looks like the US is preparing to take over Syria east of the Euphrates (or so it hopes).…

The Russians have anounced a major security alerting warning their citizens be prepared for some kind of terrorist attack.…

How many days to October?




Due North HowdyDoody Sep 29, 2016 4:33 PM

There might be a new interpretation of the term Red October after next month.

Blankone hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 1:51 PM

Yes, now all Putin needs to do is another photo opp with him riding a horse without a shirt.  Scary.  Don’t Poke the Bear!!  So Scary!!

Lets throw in a different reality.  Putin got his fighter jet shot down by Turkey – and could not respond.  Putin got his airliner taken down – and could only respond by limiting tourism (since reversed).  Turkey moved into Syria thus moving the border and taking control of some key area – Putin could not resist.  The US/NATO/Israel have conducted multiple air strikes against Syrian outposts, bases, troops and convoys.  Putin could not react or prevent this.  In the latest the attack that killed over 60 went on for over an hour.  Putin had aircraft in the area but the pleas for help from the Syrian troops were ignored.  No fighter response and no S400 fired – and Russia could watch their radar as the planes repeatedly attacked.  In fact the S400 has proven to be useless in stopping or punishing any of the air attacks. In fact to make attacks easier the US has been developing an airbase in NE Syria, and Putin can do nothing in response.

Putin has called TWO ceasefires that allowed ISIS to safely withdraw, rearm, reposistion and reattack later.  Both were called when the Syrian troops were on the move and had the advantage.  A betrayal by Putin.

Putin flew over half his fighter jets back to Russia.

No Fly Zone that people want to talk about.  It is much more likely it will be imposed BY NATO not by Putin.  When Putin first began an air campaign the conditions would have made imposing a NFZ very easy.  Yet Putin did not have the backbone to do so.  Very unlikely Putin will have the guts to do so now.

Previously Russia has admitted that when the US tells them areas the US ground troops then Russia stops air force activity in all those areas.  See how easy it is to push Putin around.

But you are very correct.  Putin does a much better job projecting a persona and taking photo opps.

king leon Blankone Sep 29, 2016 2:46 PM

If Obozo starts a shooting match with Russia in Syria then it will quickly turn into a side show, the main event will switch to mainland Europe. Russia will go through Europe like crap through a goose, Putin will give Teresa May a friendly wave from the French side of the English Channel

Blankone king leon Sep 29, 2016 2:59 PM

Putin will see to it that there is no fight.  Putin will back down or fly his planes around while NATO does whatever it choses to do.  I would like to feel sorry for Hezbollah, but after Iraq, Libya and others there is no excuse for not expecting to be betrayed by their „allie“ russia.

A likely outcome is that Russia has the naval base and some land along the western coast but is constantly under threat from ISIS.  And the poor Syrians must act like Putins expendable security force, otherwise Putin pulls his last remaining support and the Syrians are murdered.

king leon Blankone Sep 29, 2016 3:33 PM

I remember the last time Obozo decided on a no fly zone over Syria, Vlad turned up with a few ships , had a few wise words with Obozo and it was all sorted. I don’t know what Vlad actually said to Obozo but maybe the Captain of the USS Donald Cook may Know.

Blankone king leon Sep 29, 2016 5:54 PM

Well, that one slips my memory.  When did Obama declare a no-fly zone over Syria.  Got a time frame or preferably a link.  Because I am not aware of Syria ever stopping it’s jets from flying.  Obama’s admin. has been pushed to declare a no-fly zone but has refused.

It is easier to put boots on the ground and then inform Putin he cannot bomb that area.  As has been happening.

OverTheHedge king leon Sep 29, 2016 3:16 PM

Given that NATO doesn’t have the manpower or equipment to even begin a defence of Europe, it will go nuclear fairly quickly. I’m not convinced (or just wishing and hoping) that Russia benefits from taking Europe: what do they have that Russia needs – extra Muslims?

Russia has a better option in NOT cutting off the gas – keep the Europeans friendly, and try to prise them away from the lunatic yanks, who do appear to be going completely mad.

I’m just making guesses here – I have no idea  What the actual capabilities of each side are, either in Europe or Syria, but I think we might be about to find out. My only hope is that the Russians find a way to make the instigators of this mess accountable, rather than just  killing the cannon-fodder as per usual.

hedgeless_horseman OverTheHedge Sep 29, 2016 3:21 PM


My only hope is that the Russians find a way to make the instigators of this mess accountable, rather than just  killing the cannon-fodder as per usual.

Have you looked at the Saudi financial markets recently?

king leon OverTheHedge Sep 29, 2016 3:40 PM

If the US really wanted Nuclear we would have had it well before now . The US think they can gamble and throw Europe under the bus if everything goes tits up.

Manic by Proxy king leon Sep 29, 2016 5:01 PM

I believe that Europe has thrown themselves/itself under the bus…… repeatedly. And they are driving the bus. All the US is doing is making sure the bus has fuel and properly inflated tires.

Killdo Manic by Proxy Sep 29, 2016 5:51 PM

As a European I think you are sadly right – especially western Europeans (proud to be so politically correct, multicultural and faggotized)

Blankone OverTheHedge Sep 29, 2016 6:05 PM

When Putin is too fearful to stop what is going on in Syria (following Iraq and Libya and Yemen) why would anyone thing Putin has the guts to go after europe.  Putin has not even been able to deal with EUkraine.

But then it continues to look like Putin and the russian elite are just playing along with the NWO or Zionist’s game and are actually on the other side.  Ask Ghaddafi or Saddam about being set up and dumped by Russia.

And just how are you people proposing Putin is going to invade europe and overpower them with boots on the ground?  Are they going to drive into Germany?  Fly in paratroopers?  There are so many mssiles in europe any jets go down quickly and the tank buildup on the border would be long telegraphed.

DogSlime Blankone Sep 29, 2016 2:58 PM

So true.

We in the UK will gladly commit our phenomenal military power to assist the US in their righteous crusade and to share in their/our victory.

We have the courage, dignity and moral high ground that Russia and China are so lacking in.  Woe unto both of them if they toy with the US and its everlasting friend, Britannia!

They have neither the technology nor the courage nor the troops/equipment to fight against the world’s last remaining superpower.

We have already won.  A war would be a formality – a nuisance – if it happens, it happens and we will win with close to zero casualties.

Everyone knows that they should lie down on the ground in the event of a nuclear attack (thereby nullifying almost all the effects of a 1MT air/ground burst), so no-one need fear such an event if it comes to it.


Kayman DogSlime Sep 29, 2016 4:19 PM

Dog dribblings

Great Satire. Thanks.


Wile-E-Coyote DogSlime Sep 29, 2016 5:11 PM

Lying on the ground with an air burst just means you get toasted on one side.

Killdo DogSlime Sep 29, 2016 5:53 PM

it must be a holly war?

crossroaddemon Blankone Sep 29, 2016 4:19 PM

Why the downvotes, people? He’s right. Putin has been doing exactly this for years. Two possibilities: either he is not willing to risk a nuclear war and will therefore always back down, or (most likely) he works for the Rothchilds just like Obama. Either way this is a nothingburger.

August Blankone Sep 29, 2016 6:09 PM

FWIW the Russian military is largely defensive – not geared for prolonged force projection into nations not adjacent to Russia itself.

If Russia/Putin seem cautious, it’s because they are, and should be.  Let Team America fuck itself… it’s already doing a damn good job without any help from the Russians.  Too bad that so many non-combatants have to die… but no price is too high in the defense of freedom.

Bill of Rights hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 4:39 PM

That’s some true shit right there

Killdo hedgeless_horseman Sep 29, 2016 5:46 PM

so true

poeg MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 12:53 PM

If Uncle Sam was to kill enough brown kids, you could make a space available for BLM sycophants to relocate. Good plan.


Pussies kill people, Uncle Sam kills countries.

Killdo poeg Sep 29, 2016 5:53 PM

UNcle Satan kills his own people

Got The Wrong No MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 1:13 PM

You have to be a paid Left Wing Troll. You are Pathetic

MisterMousePotato Got The Wrong No Sep 29, 2016 1:27 PM

You’re new here, aren’t you?

Creative_Destruct MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 4:32 PM

Either the following is very subltle sarcasm or breathtaking stupidity:

“Regular family audits would ensure that parents are restricted to educating their children in a small domain of simple, non-political subjects, that don’t require a high level of education.”

Here come the thought police!!

We have restored peace and democracy in Iraq and Libya, and now we are going to do the same for Syria.”

Wow.  Just where the fuck is the current „peace and democracy“ in the middle of all the hellish carnage???

Yes. IF you are being sarcastic, kindly give a few /s indicators for us „slathering half wits“


Dugald MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 4:30 PM


MDB, do please put  /s   at the end, or you will have the slathering half wits in a furore of down arrows

Ahhhh, too late…..

Creative_Destruct Dugald Sep 29, 2016 4:37 PM

Gotta admit, this MDB dude is entertaining. Good „shtick“ if that’s what it actually is.

Yes, as you so kindly put it, a few /s WOULD clarify things for us „slathering half-wits.“

Such cues DO help when there is only written communication and no intonations, body language, or other verbal and non-verbal cues.

Even non- „slathering half-wits“ would find them useful.

OR is this guy just a stupid leftist troll?

NiggaPleeze MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 4:37 PM

Nigga, pleeze …..

You’re trolling is usually very amusing as it usually dead pans the Globalists‘ propaganda, but in this one you have departed from the script!

Socratic Dog MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 5:04 PM

Return to form, MDB.  And kudos for managing to sneak in „zero tolerance“.

Subliminal messenger MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 5:08 PM

US liberation of the Middle East like the illegitemate overthrowing of the prime minister of Iran?…

And for Syria: the US has no right to be there. Its presence is a military invasion, but I guess that’s just business as usual.


I understand that you’re prejudiced and ill-informed, but please make an effort before you throw up again on this site.

Sylvan MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 5:33 PM

Attacking Iraq and before that sanctions killd half milion children in iraq (madeline said it was worth) – do not tell me that ’saving just one innocent Syrian child is worth it‘ when on the other side murican medling in MENA coused milions of death people and migrant crisis in EU you HIPOCRIT! Then came Libya and Syria – whenever USofA exports democracy there are tones of death people – mostly inocent!

Sylvan MillionDollarBonus_ Sep 29, 2016 5:33 PM

Attacking Iraq and before that sanctions killd half milion children in iraq (madeline said it was worth) – do not tell me that ’saving just one innocent Syrian child is worth it‘ when on the other side murican medling in MENA coused milions of death people and migrant crisis in EU you HIPOCRIT! Then came Libya and Syria – whenever USofA exports democracy there are tones of death people – mostly inocent!

Mehr zur Aufsplitterung von Syrien = Plan B der USA

Plan A ist, Assad von der Regierung zu putschen und eine US-freundliche Regierung einzusetzen.

Plan B ist ein Sunnistan und ein Kurdistan zu schaffen, über welche die USA die Kontrolle und den Einfluss haben. Es bleibt ein Rumpfsyrien für Assad mit den religiösen Minderheiten Syriens. Eine Pipeline könnte dann von Katar, Saudiarabien direkt in die Trkei führen und die Brücke Assad zwischen dem Iran und der Hisbollah wäre auch aufgehoben. Sieg für Israel gegenüber Hisbollah Angriffen mit iranischen Waffen.

Pläne zur Balkanisierung des Mittleren Ostens sind in früheren Blogpost zu finden.

Putin Ups the Ante: Ceasefire Sabotage Triggers Major Offensive in Aleppo

“Syria is the summation of all the errors of a dysfunctional empire collapsing upon itself. History forgotten. Science ignored. Facts denied. Propaganda cannot hide that West is supporting and killing Islamists at the same time in a World War that risks escalating into a nuclear holocaust.” Vietnam Vet, comments-line,  Sic Semper Tyrannis

The attack on Deir Ezzor was a flagrant act of betrayal. For the first time in the five year-long war,  US warplanes targeted an SAA military outpost killing 62 Syrian regulars. The surprise attacks — which lasted for the better part of an hour and were followed by a coordinated ground assault by members of ISIS– were intended to torpedo the fragile ceasefire agreement and send a message to Moscow that the US was prepared to achieve its strategic objectives in Syria whether it had to launch direct attacks on defenders of the regime or not.

The attacks–for which the Pentagon eventually accepted responsibility–were followed by a callous and thoroughly-unprofessional tirade by the administration’s chief diplomat at the United Nations, Samantha Power. Power dispelled any doubt that either she or anyone else in the Obama administration cared at all about the people who lost their lives in the bombing raid.  She also made it clear that she didn’t care if the US had violated the terms of the ceasefire just two days before critical parts of the agreement were scheduled to be implemented.

Naturally, Moscow was taken aback by Washington’s reaction, it’s blatant disregard for the soldiers they killed, and its obvious determination to sabotage the ceasefire. Having reflected on Obama’s de facto rejection of the agreement, Putin pursued the only viable option left open to him;  more war.   As a result, he has intensified his efforts on the battlefield particularly around Aleppo where the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and crack-units from Hezbollah have launched a three-prong attack that will dispose of the US-backed jihadists that have destroyed much of Syria over the last half-decade  and displaced over 7 million civilians.

Bottom line: Having foreclosed the political option for reducing the violence, the Obama administration will now face the consequences for its rejection.

Here’s an excellent summary of developments on the ground around Aleppo from decorated veteran and retired senior officer of U.S. Military Intelligence and U.S. Army Special Forces (The Green Berets) Colonel W. Patrick Lang. The article was posted on September 24:

“As of today, forces have been massed at Aleppo for the purpose of eliminating the East Aleppo rebel pocket.  This pocket has now been without re-supply for an extended period.  This is true for both the jihadi rebels and the civilian population, many of whom are rebel supporters.

IMO (In my opinion) the main effort by R+6 is taking place at the SE side of the East Aleppo pocket.  That is now underway with massive CAS from Russian aerospace forces. At the same time Palestinian militia allies with CAS have attacked the fortified Handarat refugee camp at the NE corner of the pocket.  IMO this is a secondary attack intended to prevent the rebels moving forces south to oppose the main R+6 effort.

This is an excellent plan.

At the same time there is an unconfirmed report from SOHR in London (pro-rebel) that a Russian force with 3,000 men has been positioned at al-Safir about 12 km. SE of the main attacks on the Aleppo pocket.  If this report is correct this force is well positioned to reinforce the main attack or be used in a defensive move against a rebel effort elsewhere.  It would be in the Russian operational tradition to pass a reinforcing “wave” or echelon of forces through the initial assault forces when they become exhausted by combat….

The foreign policy establishment (Borg) in the West wants to believe that war is obsolete as a factor in the story of humanity….  They believe that they have inherited the earth and that their cleverness will always prevail over mere force.

We will now have a demonstration that this is not true.”  pl

(“Flash! Washpost discovers that Syria War may be “winnable.”, Sic Semper Tyrannis)

Obama’s de facto rejection of the ceasefire  has created the conditions for a decisive military defeat in Aleppo.   The fate of the CIA-trained “moderate” terrorists hunkered down in East Aleppo is not that different from that of General George Armstrong Custer at the Little Bighorn who was surrounded by a superior military force and summarily slaughtered to the man. This is the option Pentagon warlord, Ash Carter chose when he decided to sabotage the joint military implementation agreement and go rogue. Carter opposed the ceasefire deal and in doing so signed the death warrant for hundreds of US-backed extremists who chances for survival are growing slimmer by the day.

According to recent reports, pro-government forces are advancing on a number of fronts.  At the same time, the Syrian and Russian air forces have intensified their bombing campaign reducing large swathes of the city to rubble and killing several hundred Sunni militants.  While the jihadists have performed better than many had expected, their fate is no longer in doubt. The cauldron is encircled, their front lines are collapsing, their supply lines have been severed, and the end is in sight.

Aleppo will fall and the US-backed effort to topple the Assad government using a proxy army of Islamic extremists will fail.

A few things need to be said about the ceasefire to set the record straight.

First, there was never any chance that the US was going to abide by the terms of the agreement. The US has no way of separating the “moderates” from the extremists which was one of the main requirements of the deal. That was never going to happen. But, more importantly, the Pentagon –which opposed the agreement from the get-go –had no intention of complying with its demands.


Well, for one thing, as  Syrian President Bashar al Assad said himself:

“…the United States doesn’t have the will to work against al-Nusra or  ISIS, because they believe that this is a card they can use for their own agenda. If they attack al-Nusra or ISIS, they will lose a very important card regarding the situation in Syria. So, I don’t believe the United States will be ready to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria.”

Bingo. Assad is not suggesting that al-Nusra or ISIS are controlled by Langley. He’s merely saying that– inasmuch as the goals of these groups coincide with US strategic objectives (which they certainly do in Syria) Washington will continue to support their activities. In other words, Obama would rather see a “Salafist principality” emerge in Syria then allow an independent, secular government to remain in place. Everyone who has followed events closely in Syria for the last five years, knows this is true.

The other reason the Pentagon opposed the agreement was because  they didn’t want to comply with the military-to-military coordination plan. The western media has been particularly opaque on this issue. For example, according to the New York Times deal would be  “an extraordinary collaboration between the United States and Russia that calls for the American military to share information with Moscow on Islamic State targets in Syria.” (“Details of Syria Pact Widen Rift Between John Kerry and Pentagon“, New York Times)

Okay, but why is that a problem? Wouldn’t that be the most effective way to defeat ISIS and Al Qaida? Of course, it would. So, what’s the rub? Here’s more from the NYT:

“Chief among Pentagon concerns is whether sharing targeting information with Russia could reveal how the United States uses intelligence to conduct airstrikes, not just in Syria but in other places, which Moscow could then use for its own advantage in the growing confrontations undersea and in the air around the Baltics and Europe.”(NYT)

This is complete baloney. The fact is the Pentagon doesn’t want to have to get approval for its target-list  (identify and verify) from the Russian military. That’s what’s really going on. And the reason for this is obvious, the strategic objectives of the US are exact opposite of Moscow’s. Washington has no interest in defeating terrorism in Syria, in fact, as we pointed out earlier, Washington is just fine with terrorism as long it helps them move the ball closer to the goalpost. What the US wants is to topple the regime, replace Assad with a US-stooge, splinter the country into multiple parts, and control vital pipeline corridors. These goals cannot be achieved if the Pentagon has to get a green-light from Moscow every time they go on a bombing raid.  How are they going to assist their jihadist assets on the ground if they have to follow that rule?

They won’t be able to, which is why it’s no surprise that SECDEF Ash Carter put the kibosh on the deal by bombing the SAA positions at Deir Ezzor. The massacre effectively ended all talk about “coordination” with the Russians. Mission accomplished.

But even this does not completely explain why the Pentagon launched this unprecedented attack that killed 62 Syrian soldiers and moved the two superpowers closer to a direct confrontation. To grasp what’s really going on behind the endless recriminations, we need to understand that the Obama administration has abandoned its original plan to oust Syrian President Bashar al Assad, and moved on to Plan B; partitioning the country in a way that establishes a separate Sunni state where US troops will be based and where vital pipelines will be built to transfer natural gas from Qatar to the EU.

This ambitious plan is more than a redrawing of the Middle East and a pivot to Asia. It is a critical lifeline to a country (USA) whose economic prospects are progressively dimming, whose credit card is maxed out, and who is counting on a Hail Mary pass in Syria to save itself from cataclysmic economic collapse and ruination. Washington must succeed in Syria because, well, because it must, because the red ink has finally penetrated the pinewood hull and is fast filling the galley. A defeat in the Middle East could be the straw that broke the camel’s back, the tipping point in the agonizingly-protracted unipolar-new-world-order experiment.  In other words, it’s Syria or bust. Here’s a little background that will help to clarify what’s going on:

“Washington has previously made it clear that if it cannot achieve its plan A; regime change, it will go for its plan B; to balkanize the country and help to create a Kurdish and/or Sunni state in eastern Syria…

Attacking the Syrian Army, and allowing ISIL to capture the city will make Deir Ezzor a probable target for the US-backed proxies to attack and annex.” (“The Ceasefire Failed; What happens now?“, The Vineyard of the Saker)

So, Washington wants to control Syria’s eastern quadrant (where Deir Ezzor is located) for military bases, pipeline routes, and a Sunni homeland, which is more-or-less the pretext for continued military occupation. Here’s more from an article by Christina Lin:

“Writing in Armed Forces Journal4, Major Rob Taylor joined numerous other pundits in observing that the Syrian civil war is actually a pipeline war over control of energy supply, with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey needing to remove Assad “so they can control Syria and run their own pipeline through Turkey.”….

…if the Saudi/Qatar/Turkey backed Army of Conquest can control just enough land in Syria for a salafist statelet (aka–Sunnistan) to build the Qatar-Turkey pipeline, then these sunni states can finally realize their pipeline dream. Indeed, the 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency report6 corroborates their desire to carve out a salafist statelet in Syria east of Assad-controlled territory in order to put pressure on his regime.” (“Chinese stratagems and Syrian buffer zone for Turkey-Qatar pipeline“, Christina Lin, Times of Israel)

The idea of splintering Syria into numerous fragments (and controlling the eastern portion of the state) has been promoted by western elites across the board, from neocon John Bolton  who said:

“Today’s reality is that Iraq and Syria as we have known them are gone…..Washington should recognize the new geopolitics. The best alternative to the Islamic State in northeastern Syria and western Iraq is a new, independent Sunni state.

This “Sunni-stan” has economic potential as an oil producer….and could be a bulwark against both Mr. Assad and Iran-allied Baghdad.” (“To Defeat ISIS, Create a Sunni State“, New York Times)

Liberal interventionists at the Brookings Institute are pushing for the same balkanization remedy. Here’s a clip from an article at Brookings titled “Deconstructing Syria: A new strategy for America’s most hopeless war” by chief military analyst, Michael O’ Hanlon:

“…the only realistic path forward may be a plan that in effect deconstructs Syria….the international community should work to create pockets with more viable security and governance within Syria over time… Creation of these sanctuaries would produce autonomous zones that would never again have to face the prospect of rule by either Assad or ISIL….”

(“Deconstructing Syria: A new strategy for America’s most hopeless war“, Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings Institute)

So, there you have it; divide and conquer. Split up the country, install new leaders, and let the plundering begin. Sound familiar?

But the Russian’s will have none of it, in fact, Putin has responded to Carter’s escalation by escalating himself. The circle around Aleppo has closed, supply lines have been cut, the airstrikes have intensified, and the three-pronged ground assault has already begun. So while Washington may have big plans for Syria, they appear to be failing where it counts most…..on the battlefield.

Wer steckt hinter den White Helmets in Syrien?

WHO ARE SYRIA’S WHITE HELMETS (terrorist linked)?

21st Century
Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

Who are the White Helmets? This is a question that everyone should be asking themselves.

A hideous murder of a rising star in UK politics, Jo Cox MP, has just sent shock waves across the world. Within hours of her death, a special fund was established in her name to raise money for 3 causes. One of those causes is the Syrian White Helmets.

Are we seeing a cynical and obscene exploitation of Jo Cox’s murder to revive the flagging credibility of a US State Department & UK Foreign Office asset on the ground in Syria, created and sustained as first responders for the US and NATO Al Nusra/Al Qaeda forces?

white helmet infographic (2)
FOLLOW THE MONEY: The White Helmets are just one component of the new NGO Complex.

If this is the case, and I fear it is, the depravity of our government, the US government, the state led media and associated Syria Campaign support groups have reached a new level of perversion of Humanity. The White Helmets have been demonstrated to be a primarily US and NATO funded organisation embedded in Al Nusra and ISIS held areas exclusively.

This is an alleged “non-governmental” organisation, the definition of an NGO, that thus far has received funding from at least three major NATO governments, including $23 million from the US Government and $29 million (£19.7 million) from the UK Government, $4.5 million (€4 million) from the Dutch Government. In addition, it receives material assistance and training funded and run by a variety of other EU Nations.

A request has been put into the EU Secretary General to provide all correspondence relating to the funding and training of the White Helmets. By law this information must be made transparent and available to the public.

There has been a concerted campaign by a range of investigative journalists to expose the true roots of these Syria Civil Defence operatives, known as the White Helmets.  The most damning statement, however, did not come from us, but from their funders and backers in the US State Department who attempted to explain the US deportation of the prominent White Helmet leader, Raed Saleh, from Dulles airport on the 18th April 2016.

“It was unclear whether Mr. Saleh’s name might have shown up on a database, fed by a variety of intelligence and security agencies and intended to guard against the prospect of terrorism suspects slipping into the country.” ~ New York Times

Mark Toner, State Department spokesperson:

“And any individual – again, I’m broadening my language here for specific reasons, but any individual in any group suspected of ties or relations with extremist groups or that we had believed to be a security threat to the United States, we would act accordingly. But that does not, by extension, mean we condemn or would cut off ties to the group for which that individual works for.”

So we come back to the initial question.  Why is the tragic death of a passionate and ambitious politician being exploited? Why are all political parties in the UK endorsing the Jo Cox fund to provide financial assistance for an organisation the UK Government is already funding and training?

Why are the public once more being used as political pawns to further our government’s imperialist objectives inside Syria and their covert, illegal, proxy intervention of a sovereign nation via both terrorist forces and phony humanitarian first responders?

Phillip hammond meets white helmets
Phillip Hammond, UK Foreign Secretary meeting White Helmets in southern Turkey

The White Helmets are perhaps being demonstrated to be the most crucial component of the US and NATO shadow state building inside Syria.  Led by the US and UK this group is essential to the propaganda stream that facilitates the continued media and political campaign against the elected Syrian government and permits the US and NATO to justify their regime of crippling economic and humanitarian sanctions against the Syrian people.

If this latest mechanised ‘NGO’ blueprint is successful then we could see it being re-deployed as key to future neo-colonialist projects. The White Helmets are a direct intra-venus line into the terrorist enclaves within Syria, acting as a conduit for information, equipment and medical support to maintain the US NATO forces.

Is this the future of warfare, is this the “swarming” outlined in a 2000 report produced by the RAND Corporation and entitled: Swarming and the Future of Conflict.

“The emergence of a military doctrine based on swarming pods and clusters requires that defense policymakers develop new approaches to connectivity and control and achieve a new balance between the two. Far more than traditional approachesto battle, swarming clearly depends upon robust information flows. Securing these flows, therefore, can be seen as a necessary condition for successful swarming.”

[Update 22/6/2016] An important “previously unpublished interview with Jo Cox” was released today by Adam Barnett.  In this interview Jo Cox makes a clear statement regarding the way the UK Government should be maximising the use of their assets, the White Helmets, inside Syria:

“Second thing: many organisations, whether it’s the White Helmets or others, have got really creative ideas about how to operate under the siege and civil war conditions. They’ve got really interesting ideas about channelling money, getting aid in, thinking creatively about how they operate, which DfID [Department for International Development] should be listening to. [emphasis added]

And then the third thing is about giving airtime to civil society groups, making sure that they get more time on panels– and making sure this is representative of the diversity of civil society views as well, whether that’s women’s groups, or the White Helmets, or NGOs, or just doctors or people who are literally trying to get on with making society function in response to the humanitarian crisis.”

Is this why we are seeing what is, in effect, crowd funding for  proxy war? Do we really want to look back and be “judged by history” for enabling conflict and state terrorism, violating international law and invading sovereign nations.  Are we prepared to accept the consequences of such actions, consequences that should be taken by our governments alone but are now being diffused outwards to the general public.  Is this an attempt by our government to disassociate themselves from their criminal actions?

To condense our research on the Syria White Helmets, we have collated all relevant articles and interviews below.  We condemn wholeheartedly any senseless murder but we recommend that there is serious public and political re-evauluation of the morality of funding a US NATO organisation established to further “regime change” objectives in Syria.

Mass murder is being committed across Syria and the region by US and NATO proxy terrorist militants. Funding the White Helmets will serve to prolong the suffering and bloodshed of the Syrian people.

UK Column: White Helmets, Humanitarians or Executioners?

Vanessa Beeley speaks to Mike Robinson of UK Column about recent executions of Syrian Arab Army soldiers celebrated by White Helmet operatives.” Watch:

Mint Press: Dissecting the “Humanitarian” Propaganda Driving US Intervention in Syria, Again.

“Speaking to Mnar Muhawesh on ‘Behind the Headline,’ investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley pulls back the curtain on the anti-Assad ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘moderate rebels,’ revealing a carefully calibrated propaganda campaign to drive US intervention in the war-torn country.” Watch:

Hands Off Syria: The Syria White Helmets Exposed as US UK Agents Embedded with Al Nusra and ISIS

Video made by Hands Off Syria in Sydney Australia based upon the research of Vanessa Beeley on the White Helmets. Watch:

Mint Press: US Propaganda War in Syria: Report Ties White Helmets to US Intervention

“White Helmets primary function is propaganda” reported an independent journalist, who tied the group to George Soros and the controversial advocacy group Avaaz.” Petition: Do NOT give 2016 Nobel Peace Prize to Syria White Helmets

This petition has currently garnered 1370 signatures. The White Helmets have received over $ 40 million in funding from the US Government [USAID] and the UK Foreign Office despite their claims of being “fiercely independent and accepts no money from governments, corporations or anyone directly involved in the Syrian conflict.”

Sputnik: Soros Sponsored NGO in Syria Aims at Ousting Assad not Saving Civilians

“One of the largest humanitarian organizations operating in war-torn Syria – the White Helmets – has been accused of being an anti-government propaganda arm that encourages direct foreign intervention.”

21st Century Wire: Syria’s White Helmets, War by Way of Deception Part 1

This piece examines the role of the Syria Civil Defence aka,’The White Helmets’ currently operating in Syria and take a closer look at their financial sources and mainstream media partners in order to better determine if they are indeed “neutral” as media moguls proclaim these “humanitarians” to be.

21st Century Wire: Part II. Syria’s White Helmets, “Moderate” Executioners

The NGO hydra has no more powerful or influential serpentine head in Syria than the Syria Civil Defence aka The White Helmets who, according to their leader and creator, James Le Mesurier, hold greater sway than even ISIS or Al Nusra confabs over the Syrian communities. This article explores the White Helmet involvement in terrorist executions of civilians particularly in Aleppo.

21st Century Wire: Humanitarian Propaganda War Against Syria – Led by Avaaz and the White Helmets

“The White Helmets in their haste to point the finger of blame at Moscow, managed to tweet about Russia’s air strikes several hours before the Russian Parliament actually authorized the use of the Air Force in Syria.” ~

UK Column: Syria White Helmets

“Mike Robinson speaks to Vanessa Beeley about the so-called NGO, the White Helmets. Are they really the humanitarian first responder organisation they claim to be?” Watch:

Eva Bartlett: Human Rights Front Groups Warring on Syria

This page will continue to expand as more so-called “Human Rights” groups are outed for propagating anti-Syria war rhetoric and false allegations against the Syrian government and Syrian Arab Army.  As it is, the list of players is quite extensive.  Below, I’ll list the known HR front people and groups (many, if not most, with links to the US State Department and criminals like George Soros).

Ron Paul Institute: Syria the Propaganda Ring

We have demonstrated that the White Helmets are an integral part of the propaganda vanguard that ensures obscurantism of fact and propagation of Human Rights fiction that elicits the well-intentioned and self righteous response from a very cleverly duped public. A priority for these NGOs is to keep pushing the No Fly Zone scenario which has already been seen to have disastrous implications for innocent civilians in Libya, for example.

Dissident Voice: Seven Steps of Highly Effective Manipulators

“But White Helmets primary function is propaganda. White Helmets demonizes the Assad government and encourages direct foreign intervention.”

Prof Tim Anderson: Syrian Women Denounce the White Helmets

“A range of Syrian women have denounced the US-UK funded group the ‘White Helmets’, led by a former British soldier and recently revealed to be financed by USAID. They come from all the country’s communities (e.g. Sunni, Alawi, Druze, Christian) but, like most Syrians, prefer to identify simply as Syrian.” Interview with Prof. Tim Anderson NATO’s Dirty War on Syria

“The ‘White Helmets’ are a Wall Street creation, funded and led by the US and the UK, to give ‘humanitarian’ cover to the al Qaeda groups they support.”

AlternativeView7:  Syria: White Helmets Exposed

“We live in a world governed by propaganda where the majority of media mouthpieces are gagged by those who own them and only permitted to release information that serves the narrative of the ruling elite or Imperialist powers.”

White Helmets: One of the many suspect Hollywood style promo rescue videos

Please note that the child that is rescued is very clean considering she has allegedly been buried under the rubble of “regime” bombing raids..we do not in any way wish to detract from the heroic work of the true first responders on the ground in Syria, the real Syria Civil Defence and the Red Crescent who are never mentioned in the western media but we do wish to draw your attention to the propaganda methods being employed to amplify US and NATO narratives that are insisting upon “regime change.”

Video Player

We will add to the above articles and interviews as they become available.  Vanessa Beeley has just completed a speaking tour of the UK and Iran during which she highlighted the role of the NGO complex in general and the White Helmets in particular as a new breed of predatory humanitarianism being unleashed against target nations. Videos of her talks will be published as soon as they become available from the AV7 conference and Frome Stop War.


Author Vanessa Beeley is a contributor to 21WIRE, and since 2011, she has spent most of her time in the Middle East reporting on events there – as a independent researcher, writer, photographer and peace activist. She is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Syria Solidarity Movement, and a volunteer with the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine. See more of her work at her blog The Wall Will Fall.

Syrien als Spielball: Zu den Pipelineplänen des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens

The Natural Gas War Burning Under Syria

Qatar always wanted to punch above its weight. In Syria, it got the chance.

In 2009, Qatar, a leading natural gas producer, approached Syria about routing its planned 1,500 mile pipeline to the gas markets of Europe through Syria’s Aleppo province. Qatar wanted a pipeline straight to Europe as its current gas transport modes were limited to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanker, mostly to Asia with limited spot shipments to Europe or the Dolphin pipeline to the United Arab Emirates and Oman. The pipeline would head north and end in Turkey after crossing Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. Syria declined Qatar’s offer, which would have cut the European market share of its partner, Russia, and instead agreed to participate in the “Friendship Pipeline” between Iran and Iraq that was considered a “Shia Pipeline” to some and a target for the Sunni monarchies of the Gulf. Not understood, or ignored, was Syria’s longstanding support of the Iranian regime, especially during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War, and its long relationship with Russia, dating from 1944, which should have been a warning of who might appear if things hotted up.

In 2010, Israel and Syria held back-channel talks that reportedly included Israel’s return of the Golan Heights to Syria in exchange for security guarantees. The talks lagged due to mutual suspicions about the other side’s ability to deliver and, by early 2011, the Arab Spring had erupted across the region and leaders’ attentions turned to more immediate concerns. At this point, America had the opportunity to strike a blow against the Islamic Republic’s ally, the Assad regime. In 2011, Turkey provided a home for the opposition Syrian National Council and, in August 2011, the U.S., its allies, and the UN were calling on Bashar Assad to step down.

In 2011, Syria, Iran, and Iraq agreed to build a pipeline to connect Iran’s South Pars gas field to Europe. The pipeline would run from Assalouyeh, Iran to Europe via Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, with Syria as the center of assembly and production.

What remains unclear is why, when Syria turned down its original pipeline proposal, it didn’t pursue its second option for the pipeline route: Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – Iraq. Aside from the challenging terrain in Iraq, the mostly likely reasons are the discovery of vast gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean, and Saudi opposition to a pipeline through Kuwait. If a more Qatar-friendly regime were to gain control of Syria, Qatar would be able to garner more profit and have influence over the state, something it is unable to do with Saudi Arabia, which vehemently opposes Qatar’s historic support of the Muslim Brotherhood, Jordan, a U.S. ally, or Iraq, an Iranian ally. At that point it was nothing personal, just business, and the Assads had to go.

This was Qatar’s best chance to influence the affairs of the region. It has a tiny native population – guest workers make up almost 90 percent of Qatar’s population of 2.2 million – and an unhealthy one, so some options are limited as it has a very small military. It does, however, have a healthy check book and was able to use it to help finance the Syrian opposition forces.

To better understand the war in Syria, remember the surge in natural gas discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean starting in 2009. Israel, Cyprus, and Egypt have found large gas deposits, and offshore Lebanon has the potential for significant gas resources. Israel has the potential to export gas to Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and Turkey. (Israel and Turkey have discussed a pipeline to Turkey, but Cyprus has objected as it does not have diplomatic relations with Turkey.)

If the pipeline from Iran to Syria it could create an energy hub in Syria, and could block Qatar gas sales to Europe at a time when Qatar’s gas exports to the U.S. have dropped to zero, largely due to increasing U.S. domestic production of natural gas. Thus Qatar would be limited to the Asian LNG market as it scrapped for the EU market with Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Russia. And the only thing that could make it worse is happening: Europe is forecast to take more than half of U.S. LNG exports by 2020.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and their confederates are in it to win it, and the fighting in Syria has focused on the pipeline routes. Aleppo province, which would host the Qatari pipeline, is where Turkey wants to establish a buffer zone to support “moderate” rebel forces. If Turkey can control this territory, it will bolster the Qatari pipeline and ensure its own preeminence as the energy hub in southern Europe, where it would gather oil and natural gas from Russia, Central Asia, the Caspian, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East, and become less reliant on Russian gas, which accounted for over 50 percent of its imports in 2014. But Russia hasn’t been standing still: it has surrounded Turkey on three sides by occupying Crimea, sending more troops to Armenia, and deploying the S-400 air defense system to Syria, creating a no-fly zone, and maybe a “no-buy” zone for potential customers of Qatari gas.

The Pasha’s increasingly autocratic behavior may spur hedging behavior in Europe, such as balancing the Pasha with the Tsar and completing Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline, negotiating better deals with key suppliers Norway and Algeria, importing LNG from the U.S., and getting serious about fracking for shale gas. Turkey turned the flow of refugees to Europe on and off to get what it wanted, and the possibility remains that it will one day do the same with energy.

And Qatar may have to write some more checks in addition to the ones it has sent to Assad’s opposition. Turkey has some serious policy and infrastructure shortfalls that work against it becoming a serious energy hub soon: weak domestic gas regulation, state subsidies, monopoly control of the gas transmission network, only two LNG terminals, and a lack of storage capacity. Syria may be too wrecked to be a hub and Turkey lacks the infrastructure for the role. Russia may be interested in investing in increasing Turkey’s hub capacity and Turkey, which is making amends with Russia, may take the money over Qatar’s for a pipeline that may never be built. Russia’s good relations with Cyprus and Israel could propel movement towards a resolution of the Cyprus dispute so the gas pipeline from Israel to Turkey becomes a reality, having the knock-on effect of attracting more outside investment to Turkey.

To succeed in its pipeline goals, Qatar will have to make serious investments in the Turkish end of its project as well as resisting political pressure from Russia. Until then, it will be limited to making LNG shipments to Europe by tanker. In the meantime, these pipeline geopolitics have contributed to serious consequences for the Middle East.

Bestätigung, warum wir die Amerikaner für“dumm“ halten. Das US-Bildungssystem hat versagt

Authored by Chris Hedges in Nov 2008, via,

We live in two Americas. One America, now the minority, functions in a print-based, literate world. It can cope with complexity and has the intellectual tools to separate illusion from truth. The other America, which constitutes the majority, exists in a non-reality-based belief system. This America, dependent on skillfully manipulated images for information, has severed itself from the literate, print-based culture. It cannot differentiate between lies and truth. It is informed by simplistic, childish narratives and clichés. It is thrown into confusion by ambiguity, nuance and self-reflection. This divide, more than race, class or gender, more than rural or urban, believer or nonbeliever, red state or blue state, has split the country into radically distinct, unbridgeable and antagonistic entities.

There are over 42 million American adults, 20 percent of whom hold high school diplomas, who cannot read, as well as the 50 million who read at a fourth- or fifth-grade level. Nearly a third of the nation’s population is illiterate or barely literate. And their numbers are growing by an estimated 2 million a year. But even those who are supposedly literate retreat in huge numbers into this image-based existence. A third of high school graduates, along with 42 percent of college graduates, never read a book after they finish school. Eighty percent of the families in the United States last year did not buy a book.

The illiterate rarely vote, and when they do vote they do so without the ability to make decisions based on textual information. American political campaigns, which have learned to speak in the comforting epistemology of images, eschew real ideas and policy for cheap and reassuring personal narratives. Political propaganda now masquerades as ideology. Political campaigns have become an experience. They do not require cognitive or self-critical skills. They are designed to ignite pseudo-religious feelings of euphoria, empowerment and collective salvation. Campaigns that succeed are carefully constructed psychological instruments that manipulate fickle public moods, emotions and impulses, many of which are subliminal. They create a public ecstasy that annuls individuality and fosters a state of mindlessness. They thrust us into an eternal present. They cater to a nation that now lives in a state of permanent amnesia. It is style and story, not content or history or reality, which inform our politics and our lives. We prefer happy illusions. And it works because so much of the American electorate, including those who should know better, blindly cast ballots for slogans, smiles, the cheerful family tableaux, narratives and the perceived sincerity and the attractiveness of candidates. We confuse how we feel with knowledge.

The illiterate and semi-literate, once the campaigns are over, remain powerless.  They still cannot protect their children from dysfunctional public schools. They still cannot understand predatory loan deals, the intricacies of mortgage papers, credit card agreements and equity lines of credit that drive them into foreclosures and bankruptcies. They still struggle with the most basic chores of daily life from reading instructions on medicine bottles to filling out bank forms, car loan documents and unemployment benefit and insurance papers. They watch helplessly and without comprehension as hundreds of thousands of jobs are shed. They are hostages to brands. Brands come with images and slogans. Images and slogans are all they understand. Many eat at fast food restaurants not only because it is cheap but because they can order from pictures rather than menus. And those who serve them, also semi-literate or illiterate, punch in orders on cash registers whose keys are marked with symbols and pictures. This is our brave new world.

Political leaders in our post-literate society no longer need to be competent, sincere or honest. They only need to appear to have these qualities. Most of all they need a story, a narrative. The reality of the narrative is irrelevant. It can be completely at odds with the facts. The consistency and emotional appeal of the story are paramount. The most essential skill in political theater and the consumer culture is artifice. Those who are best at artifice succeed. Those who have not mastered the art of artifice fail. In an age of images and entertainment, in an age of instant emotional gratification, we do not seek or want honesty. We ask to be indulged and entertained by clichés, stereotypes and mythic narratives that tell us we can be whomever we want to be, that we live in the greatest country on Earth, that we are endowed with superior moral and physical qualities and that our glorious future is preordained, either because of our attributes as Americans or because we are blessed by God or both.

The ability to magnify these simple and childish lies, to repeat them and have surrogates repeat them in endless loops of news cycles, gives these lies the aura of an uncontested truth. We are repeatedly fed words or phrases like yes we can, maverick, change, pro-life, hope  or war on terror. It feels good not to think. All we have to do is visualize what we want, believe in ourselves and summon those hidden inner resources, whether divine or national, that make the world conform to our desires. Reality is never an impediment to our advancement.

The Princeton Review analyzed the transcripts of the Gore-Bush debates, the Clinton-Bush-Perot debates of 1992, the Kennedy-Nixon debates of 1960 and the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858. It reviewed these transcripts using a standard vocabulary test that indicates the minimum educational standard needed for a reader to grasp the text. During the 2000 debates, George W. Bush spoke at a sixth-grade level (6.7) and Al Gore at a seventh-grade level (7.6). In the 1992 debates, Bill Clinton spoke at a seventh-grade level (7.6), while George H.W. Bush spoke at a sixth-grade level (6.8), as did H. Ross Perot (6.3). In the debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, the candidates spoke in language used by 10th-graders. In the debates of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas the scores were respectively 11.2 and 12.0. In short, today’s political rhetoric is designed to be comprehensible to a 10-year-old child or an adult with a sixth-grade reading level. It is fitted to this level of comprehension because most Americans speak, think and are entertained at this level. This is why serious film and theater and other serious artistic expression, as well as newspapers and books, are being pushed to the margins of American society. Voltaire was the most famous man of the 18th century. Today the most famous “person” is Mickey Mouse.

In our post-literate world, because ideas are inaccessible, there is a need for constant stimulus. News, political debate, theater, art and books are judged not on the power of their ideas but on their ability to entertain. Cultural products that force us to examine ourselves and our society are condemned as elitist and impenetrable. Hannah Arendt warned that the marketization of culture leads to its degradation, that this marketization creates a new celebrity class of intellectuals who, although well read and informed themselves, see their role in society as persuading the masses that “Hamlet” can be as entertaining as “The Lion King” and perhaps as educational. “Culture,” she wrote, “is being destroyed in order to yield entertainment.”

“There are many great authors of the past who have survived centuries of oblivion and neglect,” Arendt wrote, “but it is still an open question whether they will be able to survive an entertaining version of what they have to say.”

The change from a print-based to an image-based society has transformed our nation. Huge segments of our population, especially those who live in the embrace of the Christian right and the consumer culture, are completely unmoored from reality. They lack the capacity to search for truth and cope rationally with our mounting social and economic ills. They seek clarity, entertainment and order. They are willing to use force to impose this clarity on others, especially those who do not speak as they speak and think as they think. All the traditional tools of democracies, including dispassionate scientific and historical truth, facts, news and rational debate, are useless instruments in a world that lacks the capacity to use them.

As we descend into a devastating economic crisis, one that Barack Obama cannot halt, there will be tens of millions of Americans who will be ruthlessly thrust aside. As their houses are foreclosed, as their jobs are lost, as they are forced to declare bankruptcy and watch their communities collapse, they will retreat even further into irrational fantasy. They will be led toward glittering and self-destructive illusions by our modern Pied Pipers—our corporate advertisers, our charlatan preachers, our television news celebrities, our self-help gurus, our entertainment industry and our political demagogues—who will offer increasingly absurd forms of escapism.

The core values of our open society, the ability to think for oneself, to draw independent conclusions, to express dissent when judgment and common sense indicate something is wrong, to be self-critical, to challenge authority, to understand historical facts, to separate truth from lies, to advocate for change and to acknowledge that there are other views, different ways of being, that are morally and socially acceptable, are dying. Obama used hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign funds to appeal to and manipulate this illiteracy and irrationalism to his advantage, but these forces will prove to be his most deadly nemesis once they collide with the awful reality that awaits us.

Stonetear = Paul Combetta = Hillarys Email Löscher

Damit ist die Absicht („intent“) der Löschung von Emails in einer belegbaren Beweiskette beigebracht und das FBI als politische Marionette entlarvt. „We could not find intent“


BTW: Der deutsche Verfassungsschutz und die Polizei lassen grüssen. Sie sind beim Herausfinden sprich: Decken von Regierungsvergehen ebenso talentiert.


Hillary Emailgate: How One Twitter User Proved The „Intent“ That The FBI Missed After Months „Investigating“

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Earlier this week, a twitter user named „Katica“ seemingly proved the „intent“ of the Hillary campaign to destroy and/or tamper with federal records by revealing the Reddit thread of Paul Combetta (aka the „Oh Shit“ guy; aka „stonetear“).  But what’s most crazy about this story is that „Katica“ was able to discover the greatest „bombshell“ of the entire Hillary email scandal with just a couple of internet searches while the FBI, with unlimited access to government records, spent months „investigating“ this case and missed it all.  The only question now is whether the FBI „missed“ this evidence because of gross incompetence or because of other motivating factors?

Now, courtesy of an opinion piece posted on The Daily Caller, we know exactly how „Katica“ pieced her „bombshell“ discovery together…the folks at the FBI may want to take some notes.

Per the twitter discussion below with @RepStevenSmith, „Katica“ discovered Combetta’s Reddit thread on September 16th.  But while she suspected that Paul Combetta and the Reddit user known as „stonetear“ were, in fact, the same person, she had to prove it…



…which she was able to do easily enough with a couple of extra searches.  First there is this FaceBook pic which refers to Combetta as „Stone Tear.“



Then, there was this website thanking „Paul Combetta“ who could be reached at „“ 




And then there is Paul Combetta’s Etsy account where his username was, yet again, „Stonetear.“  The account has since been deleted.




And then there is this „stonetear“ Reddit post where Combetta talks about why he loves living in Rhode Island…



…And wouldn’t you know it, Paul Combetta just happens to own a house in Rhode Island.



And that’s how one twitter user discovered the „bombshell“ that has blown the Hillary email scandal wide open.  It took „Katica“ just a couple of days to discover evidence that eluded the FBI’s months of „investigations.“  Perhaps the FBI should do some simple Google searches before they officially close their next case.

Intermarium: der Traum der Atlantiker um D und R auseinander zu halten

Umsetzung von Macinders Idee, die vorherrschenden Mächte auf dem Kontinent, Deutschland und Russland, niemals zusammen kommen zu lassen, ansonsten ist die geopolitische Macht dahin. War Doktrin der Briten damals und ist es heute von USA. vgl. Stratfor.

Zwischenmeer-Allianz gegen Russland

Eine alte Idee ist wieder aktuell. Staaten zwischen Ostsee und Schwarzem Meer sollen ein Sicherheitsbündnis bilden.

Die Idee einer neuen Sicherheitsallianz an den Grenzen Russlands erscheint noch als Utopie: Mögliches Intermarium-Gebiet. (Foto:

Die Idee einer neuen Sicherheitsallianz an den Grenzen Russlands erscheint noch als Utopie: Mögliches Intermarium-Gebiet. (Foto:

Russlands Krieg gegen die Ukraine und die Annexion der Krim haben Europas Sicherheitsarchitektur erschüttert. In Polen, in den baltischen Staaten und anderen Ländern Osteuropas geht die Angst um, denn Russland wird als Bedrohung wahrgenommen. Zur Verteidigung ihrer Verbündeten hat die Nato im vergangenen Jahr begonnen, ihre Präsenz in Osteuropa auszubauen. Trotzdem ist in Osteuropas Hauptstädten eine Debatte über den Aufbau einer eigenen Sicherheitsallianz im Gang. Dabei geht es um die Idee des Intermariums, zu Deutsch «zwischen den Meeren».

Intermarium steht für ein Sicherheitsbündnis der Staaten zwischen der Ostsee und dem Schwarzen Meer. Eine solche Allianz würde sowohl Mitgliedsstaaten von Nato und EU als auch Nicht-Mitgliedsstaaten umfassen. Das Intermarium soll Russland die gemeinsame Verteidigungsbereitschaft mehrerer Länder signalisieren. Diese Länder wären durch ein Beistandsabkommen verpflichtet, einander zu helfen.

Ein Intermarium könnte nicht zuletzt dem Sicherheitsbedürfnis der Ukraine, aber auch anderer postsowjetischer Staaten wie Georgien und Moldawien dienen. Diese Länder befinden sich in einer sicherheitspolitischen Grauzone. Das Ansinnen der Ukraine und Georgiens, der Nato beizutreten, wird in absehbarer Zeit nicht Realität werden.

Geopolitik aus der Zwischenkriegszeit

Die Idee des Intermariums ist nicht neu. Der Begriff «Zwischenmeer» geht auf den polnischen Marschall Jozef Pilsudski (1867–1935) zurück. Als Präsident Polens hatte er sich in der Zwischenkriegszeit für die Bildung eines Staatenbündnisses starkgemacht, um die imperialen Tendenzen von Deutschland und der Sowjetunion einzudämmen. Polen gehört auch heute zu den Befürwortern des Intermariums. «Ein Staat ist dann stark, wenn er von Verbündeten umgeben ist», sagte Polens Präsident Andrzej Duda schon kurz nach seinem Amtsantritt im August 2015. «Die Staaten Mittelosteuropas denken über die Schaffung eines Partnerschaftsblocks nach.» Auch Polens national-konservative Regierung betont regelmässig die Notwendigkeit einer solchen Sicherheitsallianz.

In Thinktanks und Universitäten gibt es ebenfalls Verfechter eines Intermariums. Zu ihnen gehört Andreas Umland, Osteuropa-Experte am Institut für Euro-Atlantische Kooperation in Kiew. In einem kürzlich erschienenen Aufsatz beschreibt Umland, wie der «mittelosteuropäische Pakt gegen den russischen Neoimperialismus» funktionieren könnte. «Die gegenseitigen Beistandsverpflichtungen könnten hinter jenen des Artikels 5 des Nato-Gründungsvertrages zurückbleiben, müssten jedoch weit robuster sein als jene der OSZE.» Umland zufolge würde das Intermarium das sicherheitspolitische Engagement der Nato ergänzen.

Vom Baltikum bis zum Kaukasus

Die Intermarium-Staaten würden in verschiedenen Bereichen zusammenarbeiten, etwa bei der Belieferung mit Verteidigungswaffen, beim Militärtraining und der Waffenmodernisierung, beim Austausch von Militär- und Geheimdienstinformationen oder auch bei der logistischen Unterstützung zur Abwehr hybrider Kriegsmassnahmen.

Das Intermarium würde laut Umland den Grossteil der ehemaligen europäischen Satellitenstaaten und Teilrepubliken der UdSSR vereinen und eine Art Halbkreis vom Baltikum bis zum Kaukasus bilden. Eine solche Koalition der Willigen könnte – je nach den konkreten Interessenlagen und Sicherheitsbedürfnissen – Estland, Lettland, Litauen, Polen, Rumänien, Bulgarien, Moldau, die Ukraine und Georgien einschliessen. «Der Intermarium-Block wäre auch eine Option für Tschechien, die Slowakei, Ungarn und womöglich sogar Weissrussland, Aserbeidschan oder Armenien, falls sich die innenpolitischen Verhältnisse in diesen Ländern entsprechend ändern», schreibt Umland. Und weiter: «Ein solcher Pakt wäre keine existenzielle Bedrohung für Russland, da er keine Atomwaffen besitzende Staaten einschlösse.»

Umland plädiert für eine baldige Beseitigung des sicherheitspolitischen Vakuums in Zwischeneuropa. Denn er geht davon aus, dass «Hybridangriffe gegen die Ukraine und andere Länder eine stetige Versuchung für Moskau darstellen, solange die schwachen zwischeneuropäischen Staaten von internationalen Sicherheitsstrukturen ausgeschlossen bleiben und den Eindruck leichter Beute vermitteln».

Aber wie realistisch ist denn eine Intermarium-Lösung? «Im Moment ist das noch eine Fantasie oder eine Utopie», sagte Umland in einem MDR-Interview. Aber wenn Russlands Aussenpolitik über die Jahre gleich bleibe und wenn Nato und EU den osteuropäischen Staaten keine genügenden Sicherheitszusagen geben würden, «werden die Chancen für ein Intermarium grösser». (Tages-Anzeiger)

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