Stonetear = Paul Combetta = Hillarys Email Löscher

Damit ist die Absicht („intent“) der Löschung von Emails in einer belegbaren Beweiskette beigebracht und das FBI als politische Marionette entlarvt. „We could not find intent“


BTW: Der deutsche Verfassungsschutz und die Polizei lassen grüssen. Sie sind beim Herausfinden sprich: Decken von Regierungsvergehen ebenso talentiert.


Hillary Emailgate: How One Twitter User Proved The „Intent“ That The FBI Missed After Months „Investigating“

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Earlier this week, a twitter user named „Katica“ seemingly proved the „intent“ of the Hillary campaign to destroy and/or tamper with federal records by revealing the Reddit thread of Paul Combetta (aka the „Oh Shit“ guy; aka „stonetear“).  But what’s most crazy about this story is that „Katica“ was able to discover the greatest „bombshell“ of the entire Hillary email scandal with just a couple of internet searches while the FBI, with unlimited access to government records, spent months „investigating“ this case and missed it all.  The only question now is whether the FBI „missed“ this evidence because of gross incompetence or because of other motivating factors?

Now, courtesy of an opinion piece posted on The Daily Caller, we know exactly how „Katica“ pieced her „bombshell“ discovery together…the folks at the FBI may want to take some notes.

Per the twitter discussion below with @RepStevenSmith, „Katica“ discovered Combetta’s Reddit thread on September 16th.  But while she suspected that Paul Combetta and the Reddit user known as „stonetear“ were, in fact, the same person, she had to prove it…



…which she was able to do easily enough with a couple of extra searches.  First there is this FaceBook pic which refers to Combetta as „Stone Tear.“



Then, there was this website thanking „Paul Combetta“ who could be reached at „“ 




And then there is Paul Combetta’s Etsy account where his username was, yet again, „Stonetear.“  The account has since been deleted.




And then there is this „stonetear“ Reddit post where Combetta talks about why he loves living in Rhode Island…



…And wouldn’t you know it, Paul Combetta just happens to own a house in Rhode Island.



And that’s how one twitter user discovered the „bombshell“ that has blown the Hillary email scandal wide open.  It took „Katica“ just a couple of days to discover evidence that eluded the FBI’s months of „investigations.“  Perhaps the FBI should do some simple Google searches before they officially close their next case.


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