Zur Wirkung von Sanktionen

Sanktionen stärken und bereichern die bereits an den Machtpositionen stehenden Personen und Familien. Sie bewirken das Gegenteil dessen, was geplant ist. Die einfachen Leute werde noch abhängiger von der Regierung als zuvor.

aus Moon of Alabama: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2019/01/sanctions-are-wars-against-people.html#more


A friend of Professor Landis describes this phenomenon with regard to Syria:

Joshua Landis @joshua_landis – 22:17 utc – 27 Jan 2019On Syria sanctions as a tool for punishing or weakening the Syrian regime, a Syrian friend, whose extended family has long worked smuggling routes in Syria, warned that they only empower & enrich regime bigwigs.

„Fun fact I can’t write publicly, the sanction have led to a rise in smuggling. Smugglers never made as much money as they do now. Who are these smugglers? regime figures, their relatives & their friends. The sanctions allow them to amass wealth in amounts they never dreamed of.

„Their influence has grow more and more. Even if I want to export a pair of shoes, I can’t. I have to pay the 4th Division security officer to get an export or import license from China. I don’t have to pay them once, but twice, and the same goes for customs.

„To say that sanctions are ineffective and hurt mainly civilians is an under statement. Sanctions are directly empowering and enriching those who are in the regime. Look at the sanctions list, the people on the list were all millionaires before 2011, now they are billionaires.

Sanctions always lead to higher prices and inflation in the targeted country. They destroy the middle class and devastate the poor:

The result, said Damascus-based businessman Naji Adeeb, is that legitimate business owners are being punished while close associates of the state, including those named in the sanctions, are still able to conduct deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars.“You just need a lot more resources to do a lot less, and if you do a transaction today you don’t know if you can do it again a month from now,” said Adeeb. “It’s an environment where only crooks and mafiosis can work.”


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