Debbie Lusignan glaubt an Fake Terror, ausgeführt als Übung mit Crisis Actors

Debbie Lusignan auch bekannt als sane progressive auf ihrem youtube Kanal glaubt aus den Videos und Fotos und Info herauszusehen, dass es sich um einen gestellten Terrorangriff handelt.

Bei den Präsidentschaftswahlen war Debbie Bernie Sanders Anhängerin und alle ihre Hinweise auf Wahlbetrug waren gut fundiert. Insofern würde ich sie nicht in dieselbe Ecke stellen wie einen Alex Jones von Info Wars. Allerdings kann man leicht Täuschungen aufsitzen, auch wenn man es gut meint.

Daher:alle Quellen und die Interpretation von Debbie mit gesunder Skepsis anschauen.



Here is my two hour summary of my findings of the Las Vegas alleged mass shooting incident. As people are led by the nose by a media that has everyone analyzing Paddock, Campos, and multiple shooters, we are diverted from the ACTUAL story. This is a fake. The shooting is a fake. Stop asking who was the shooter/s and LOOK at what is RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES. The question is not who was the shooter, the question is WHAT PRODUCTION COMPANY THEY USED and how they simulated the event and who was involved. Don’t believe me? Watch this video. You will. Go and LOOK for yourself. You will NOT see what they are TELLING you are seeing. LINKS BELOW:
Footage of Pick Up Rescues.
Chicago Tribune Talks About Medics/Cops/Firefighters Storming Scene While Bullets Still Fell:
Las Vegas Review Journal:
Taylor Winston: Conflicting stories of how he got truck and did THREE trips to rescue victim:
Employer page links to Taylor’s fb
Christina Kitcat:
Bonus. Her brother Michael Lane (her FULL name Christina Lane Kitcat who live in LA ) tells of how she is off all machines and sitting up fine after open heart surgery:
Christina’s GoFund Me Page run by ‚life long friend‘ Casey Winchell Napolitano who’s fb friends list is a whos who of production company/film/actor/actresses – photos of Casey hospital photos HERE:
Tina Frost, rescued by anonymous man in pickup truck and wheeled in by’Shane‘ another miracle. Not only will she live (although she allegedly lost eye), latest report is they are going to get ‚their old tina back‘
Another Miracle Recovery.
Mike the Crack Cronk:
Changes story w Lester Holt:
Multiple takes, they realized he didn’t have any blood so he changed his shirt with exact same shirt:
Another take without shirt:
Crowd leaving and even RUNNING before shots fired, they were signaled by pops or ‚they don’t know‘ song que:
Various vantages of people on scene showing the shooting occurring, note some videos are spliced with fake footage (that is analyzed in video as well)
Front Stage Footage (Singer runs off stage, no crowd warning, then SPOTLIGHT turned on audience):
More crowd shots:
I don’t see anyone actually injured footage:
Live Leak Links:
Staged Propaganda Video of Shooting Victims Analyzed in Video:
Entire SERIES of these, great to get early photos since scrubbed from web and leads to who they actually are, see full profile of user:
Las Vegas Review Journal Leads the Coverage to the rest of MSM, owned by Adelson:
Qui Bono – Truthstream:
Follow the Money Vegas:


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