interessanter Gedanke aus einem Leserbeitrag

Folks, pay close attention to this and other „appointments.“ Almost NONE of these Cabinet Secretaries are actually going to run the agencies they are appointed to oversee. Most will serve merely as window dressing and will be there to address the media, Congress and roll out to the Sunday talk shows. WATCH the deputy and under secretary appointments. Watch these appointment very carefully because Congress usually rubber stamps them. That is who will run these agencies and most of these Deputy Secretaries and Under Secretaries will be controlled mostly by Steve Bannon (Trump’s White nationalist „Senior advisor.“) Just like Kellyanne Conway did NOT really run Trumps campaign, these „Cabinet Secretaries“ are NOT going to run the government. The plays (every play) will be designed and called by Steve Bannon from within the shadows and executed through deputy secretaries and under secretaries. Cabinet Secretaries will lead the PR efforts. We have GOT to pay attention and understand what’s happening here.

The media will largely miss this because very few of them practice actual journalism anymore. They merely cue up two opposing sides, put them on camera and let them have at one another (truth be damned.) They don’t investigate. If it pops, gets clicks, gets eyeballs it’s on the air or published. You will NOT be able to count on them to shepherd truth to you. We are going to have to watch this very carefully ourselves.


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