Spekulationen zu Clinton und Email-Server Bericht

Ein ehemaliger Whistleblower fragt sich: Warum kommt der Bericht zu Hillarys Fehlverhalten als Aussenministerin heute am 25.5.16 raus? Er hat es noch nicht erlebt, dass man sich der Untersuchung des Generalinspekteurs einfach entziehen durfte, wie das Clinton für diesen Bericht getan hat. Also müsste der ganze Untersuchungsladen auf Seite Clintons stehen und hätte daher auch ein Interesse, den Bericht möglichst spät, am besten nach den Wahlen rauszubringen, damit die evtl. Präsidentin Clinton ihn dann in  der Versenkung verschwinden lassen könnte.
Hat ihn Obama veröffentlichen lassen? Eher nicht, weil er seine Amtszeit damit nicht beschmutzen möchte.
Wer dann? Möglicherweise haben die Clintons im Apparat selbst einen/mehrere Gegner, dem/denen sie früher mal auf die Füsse getreten ist/sind und der/die nun „Rache“ nehmen.
Der Bericht zu diesem Zeitpunkt wo Trump ihn als Munition benützen kann und Sanders offiziell noch nicht vom Feld ist, kommt für Team Clinton zu einem sehr ungünstigen Zeitpunkt und sie werden entsprechend fluchen und dsicherlich versuchen, den/die „Verräter“ zu finden. Wehe, wenn Clinton wird Präsidentin, mal sehen, wer dann per sofort den Hut nehmen darf oder andere Repressionen erfährt.

As a former whistleblower who was on the ass-kicking end of an eight year period of retaliation by an Inspector General’s Office in another Federal Agency, I would like to know how it is possible that she and her aides could decline to be interviewed by the IG. Even though they are no longer employed at State, by law, she and her subordinates can still be investigated by the IG. That they were able to decline to be interviewed indicates that this IG is doing its real job–covering for the President and the Department, which essentially means covering for Hillary.

Without an interview, State’s OIG has been able to limit the extent of it’s findings to what is in the written records or to otherwise obvious violations of Federal Law, such as her undeniable violation of the National Archives and Records Act. However, all of this has been in the press for months. Moreover, a violation of the NARA is nothing compared to the types of charges that might accrue under any one of our various laws regarding the handling of State Secrets.

The OIG also knows that if Hillary and her aides had been interviewed, they would be subject to the laws that cover lying to a Federal Investigator–a very serious charge. Therefore, by providing the opportunity for Hillary and her sycophants to opt out of the interview, they’ve avoided the potential for further embarrassment, which is always the OIG’s first motive.

This leads me to the timing of the release of this report. Since the State Department OIG is obviously trying to limit Hillary’s liability and thus there own culpability, it is logical that they would also do everything in their power to avoid releasing this report until after the election–at which time she might be in a position to cancel the investigation and get them all off the hook. At the very least, even under a release deadline, they would try to delay it until after the coronation so as to at least have a fighting chance to get her in as President and get the whole thing shut down.

So call me a conspiracy theorist, but I suspect that the OIG was ordered to release the report now and that their release of this explicitly tame report is an act of „vindictive compliance“ to an order which they could not refuse.
So who would order this release?

It might have been Obama, but he’s worried about his legacy and Hillary is running on it. While he can’t be ruled out, I think that there are a few other quasi-logical explanations. But why now? And why Hillary–the darling of the National Security Establishment who promises more war, more love for Israel and a New Cold War?

The first possibility may be that some entrenched old fogey in the upper echelons of the State Department got passed over for promotion or otherwise jilted by Hillary and now is in a position to push the investigation out onto the street prior to her coronation. A variation of this might be that the individual(s) involved are secret progressives, still serving in a State Department, which has been overrun by the Neo-con Interventionists and fearing another eight years of the same. However, if the order came from within State, those are either some very brave people or they are nearing retirement.

On the other hand, Realpolitik at this level nearly always involves someone within the inner core of the National Security State, which may not not be as illogical as I know it sounds. It could very well be that these people, who have been nearly unanimous in their fear of Trump, as expressed through their MSM Lackeys, are now seeing that Hillary cannot win in a match-up with Trump, whom they fear as an unknown entity.

This leaves them with a potential Sanders vs. Trump match-up, which they also do not like, since Bernie is also likely to be a tough customer to control. The answer to that is Joe Biden as a stand-in for a deposed Hillary which, just this morning, has been the subject of speculation on MSNBC as an adjunct to some of their reporting on the Email Report. How interesting that a story about the Email Report would already be accompanied by this speculation on Biden!

Everybody loves smiling old Joe and he’s a certified War Criminal whose son already has business interests in the Ukraine. Moreover, he’s the perfect candidate to beat the hated Trump who probably can’t beat anyone but Hillary. Coincidence? I think not.

It’s all speculation on my part, but my time inside the beltway tells me that there is something more behind the early release of this Email Report. One thing is sure. It wasn’t just released because the work was finished and the IG wanted to finish the job.

In DC, everything happens for a reason. Stay tuned.


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